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Ensure you remember your password as it will allow you to log back in and follow-up on your report. You will be given login instructions on the next screen, after submitting your report. For your information, a Case Manager will review this report and might require further information to substantiate your allegation. It is highly recommended, but entirely up to you, to log back in at your convenience and from any device to follow up on your report and support the Case Manager to resolve this incident. You will be able to exchange information with the Case Manager without ever having to disclose your identity.

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KPMG FairCall is an independent service contracted by the NSW Department of Industry (the Department) under the ‘Speak Up’ initiative. The service can be used to report suspected fraud and other serious misconduct.

You have the option of remaining anonymous when using this service.
The information you provide will be reported by KPMG to the designated representatives within the Senior Management of the Department. This information may also be passed on by the Department of Industry, to the police, law enforcement and investigative agencies, regulators, government departments / agencies and the relevant Minister.

For more information on how KPMG will handle any personal information collected as part of this service, please refer to our Privacy Statement at